About Us

Noble Hearts, an innovative and value-driven company, is a recently enrolled Minnesota Health Care Programs provider in the state of Minnesota to help individuals on waiver programs (CADI-Community Access for Disability Inclusion, EW-Elderly Waiver, CAC-Community Alternative Care, BI-Brain Injury) and AC-Alternative Care. We provide the following services:

  1. Relocation Services Coordination-Targeted Case Management (RSC-TCM)
  2. Moving Home Minnesota
  3. Comprehensive Community Support Services (CCSS)
  4. Case Management
  5. Transitional Services
  6. Housing Access Coordination HAC).


We promote the use of a person-centered approach to effectively deliver quality services. We believe that every individual deserves an opportunity to make meaningful choices to enable them to achieve their maximum potentials, thereby promoting community living and independence.


We are committed to staying true to our core principles of Integrity, Passion and Respect. We are dedicated to promoting an open, respectful and timely communication with our service recipients, their families and loved ones, case managers and other support staff.